CORMO casing: Future solution for the mushroom industry

In an extensive project, the Association of German Mushroom Growers “BDC” is testing the potential of our CORMO casing as a sustainable alternative to black peat casing soil. So far, there is no comparable project on this scale.

Over a period of two to three years, the four largest German mushroom producers Weiße Köpfe, Dohme Pilze, Wiesenhof Pilzland Produktion and Rheinische Pilzzentrale RPZ will use CORMO casing for their mushroom cultivation. The yield and quality equivalence to the black peat is being specifically investigated. The practical validation process will be scientifically accompanied. The scope of the project is essential for the entire mushroom industry, for which black peat is an important raw material. The results of the validation are therefore trend-setting for the entire industry. Their hopes are now based on our CORMO casing. Previous evaluations and practical experience make us optimistic. The positive properties of CORMO casing for mushroom cultivation have already been proven in scientific studies. And customers who use CORMO also report only positive results. The current project will now show whether CORMO casing will also function reliably on a large scale as a substitute for black peat or as an admixture. We are confident and eagerly await the results.