BABS foam

Cormo developed several specific applications. They are now being validated at a commercial scale, together with industrial and scientific partners.

Babs Granulat

CORMO filter for removal of toxic ammonia in animal rearing halls, wastewater treatment plants, and similar situations. For this purpose, the filter material BABS is impregnated and can be used like activated carbon, but more cost effective and with an interesting utilization of the loaded filter material as a nitrogen fertiliser. Cormo developed a filter design that can be implemented as an exhaust air filter (emissions control) or recirculating air filter (for reduction of the indoor ammonia concentration).

BABS can be a valuable component of construction materials. A blend with mineral components (e.g. clay or cement) results in fire-proof and pressure resistant products with low density and good insulation properties against cold, heat and sound. BABS-bricks and panels are best-in-class regarding summer heat protection, which opens a huge global application potential.

As a component of CORMO mushroom casing or CORMO plant growth substrates, BABS increases the water uptake and holding capacity of the blends and thereby reduces the irrigation intervals. The structural stability of BABS can match the requirements of these applications.

BABS is a completely novel industrial material with the following specifications 

  • Density 20-40 kg / m³, comparable to expanded polystyrene (EPS)
  • Water uptake capacity 20-30-times its own weight, comparable to superabsorbent polymers (SAP)
  • Very porous, with extremely high internal surface area, comparable to activated carbon
  • Resistant to acid, intermediate compression resistance

The applications of BABS are economically attractive compared to today’s standards and are fully in line with Cormo’s ambitions regarding environmental and climate protection. Actually they are introduced on test markets.

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