Saving 332 kg/m3 of CO2: TEFA makes it possible

We were aware that we were making a major contribution to CO2 savings and climate protection with our TEFA cover soil, after all this is one of CORMO’s main concerns. However, the fact that the contribution is so high also surprised us.

With our innovative topsoil TEFA, which is made from the rapidly renewable and low-emission resource maize straw, we offer the mushroom industry an ecologically attractive perspective for the future. Until now, mushroom growers have been largely dependent on black peat and the corresponding natural peat deposits – the exploitation of which, however, releases vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere.
The Control Union, based in Berlin, has now confirmed just how striking TEFA’s lead really is in terms of climate friendliness. According to the institute’s certificate, the saving of climate-relevant CO2 with maize straw compared to peat soil amounts to a whole 322 kg CO2 / m3 substrate. If you extrapolate this to an average lorry load of topsoil, the result is even a saving in emissions of 30 tonnes of CO2 per load!
By using the residual material maize straw, which is produced in large quantities in agriculture, the mushroom industry can massively improve its climate balance and make a valuable contribution to achieving the climate targets from the industry side.